Interview with Andrew Tavis

Andrew Tavis is the super smart, super amazing programer of our latest game Match-Match and we sat down with him this weekend because we wanted to let the kingdom know a little more about the man behind the code:

One Sock Prince (OSP): What was it like to program Match-Match?
Andrew Tavis (AT): It’s one of the first games that I worked on, so it was fun. I came from a web-programming background, so translating that knowledge into a game was a fun challenge.

OSP: Where did you grow up and what got your brain into all that cool tech-y smartness that you have?
AT: I grew up in Austin. My dad had a business building PC clones when I was growing up, so I’ve always been comfortable around computers.

OSP: What are your favorite games to play?
AT: Nowadays it’s mostly iPhone / casual games like Words w/ Friends. Though a couple older favorites are Super Mario World and Final Fantasy 7.

OSP: Is making a facebook app hard? Any hoops you had to jump through?
AT: Not very hard once you figure out their eco-system. Getting the app working for users while it is unpublished and not open to the public is a bit of a chore, but they’ve improved it recently. The biggest challenge with HTML5 games is something that web-developers have been dealing with for a long time, and that’s cross-browser compatibility. Luckily there are some good engines out there that tackle a lot of that for you.

OSP: Because you programed it do you think you should get to play? (I mean you are just too good at the game)
AT: Ha ha, I promise I play fair (even though I’ve been accused of otherwise). The only advantage I have is one that goes to anyone who plays the game a lot. The more you play, the more gold you’ll earn, so you’ll be able to buy more power-ups and make better plays.

OSP: Anything else you want to tell us about yourself? (long walks on the beach? you like the color yellow?)
AT: I play drums and produce music in my spare time.

OSP: Any advice you got for anyone out there in the cyber webs?
AT: I was given 3 pieces of advice from an army ranger one time: 1) Don’t get lost. 2) Always look cool. 3) If you get lost, make sure you look cool.

Well thanks Andrew! All great advice. Luckily as a One Sock Prince I pretty much look cool all the time. Now to play some more Match-Match (one day I’ll beat you Andrew!!!)

-One Sock Prince

What is Match-Match?

Match-Match was born out of a trip to a friends summer cabin. Bored out of our minds we played every game in the house and Match-Match came to fruition out of mixing a couple of games up together. If you haven’t seen our description on the site yet, “Match-Match is a turn-based Pattern Completion game where players match the shapes and colors on their game pieces to the game pieces already in play.”
We released a soft version on Facebook a couple of months ago and so far we have had a great response. Of course our scoreboard leader is our resident programer Andrew Tavis (with whom we will be hearing from in a few blog posts from now).

Give yourself a chance to challenge some friends if you haven’t and let us know what you think!