The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses


Roving reporter and benevolent monarch One Sock Prince here!

On Monday June 10th we got the opportunity to go check out  the symphony in SF at Davies Symphony Hall. But this wasn’t any old symphony, this was all a tribute to the great franchise that is the Zelda legacy. On top of being fabulously done (wow the symphony is cool) the amount of nerd-gasm going on was overwhelmingly awesome.


Link gets a drink!

The show was set up to let you experience the game play while having the live orchestra rock out the old familiar tunes (and adding some beautiful touches that made it extra special. Everyone in the audience was like this:

nerd-gasm at the symphony video

All in all we felt like it was a successful outing, lots of fun and we got to feel cultured and dorky for one evening. If you have a chance and they are headed your way go get tickets, we highly recommend it:

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Working hard!


Hi friends! We’ve been a little quiet on the home front lately because we have been so busy! I can’t wait to show you the new stuff we’ve been working on, but for now let’s catch up a bit.

Jumpin Jackabee just released a new update that has a new watermelon power-up. Each level has a new bonus or two to keep things spicy and we are giving out new level completion rewards. All in all a mighty update it is.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out our game on iTunes give it a look see!

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Macworld Review in Print!

onesock Good news Jumpin’ Jackabee Fans! Not only were we featured by macworld online but also in print! It sure does feel good to be loved on paper too! If you haven’t seen the write up in this april’s edition here it is:

Kind words

onesock“Thanks for the fix. Love the game. What else do you guys have that’s this good?”
-a happy customer of Jumping Jackabee

It’s this kind of stuff that really makes our world go ’round. When we decided to make games we wanted to make stuff that was beautiful, fun to play, and most of all something that left an impact on our gamers. It can be a bumpy road making a game, we’ve had our glitches and bugs just like the best of ’em. Thank you fans, we’ve got some good stuff in the works and we appreciate all the patience and love you are giving us.

Play Phone and Jumpin Jackabee

mikiePlayPhone and Jumpin Jackabee have teamed up on the App Store and are excited about this new partnership. For those of you who don’t know, PlayPhone is a global provider of mobile social gaming and is it’s own network that can work cross platform on many mobile devices. (Way cool!)

If you’d like to jump on and try PlayPhone + Jumpin Jackabee go check out the download

Under the Raydar loves us!

onesockA big thanks goes out to Under the Raydar for shouting out about Jumpin’ Jackabee! What would we do with out you?

“In Jumpin’ Jackabee available in app stores now, players assume the role of a cuddly little hair-ball as he hops and skips his way through a bunch of 3D stages heavily influenced by a certain Q-Bert character from the 80’s.”

For more visit Under the Raydar.

Macworld Review


Hi fellow friends! One sock Prince here to tell you of exciting news!

We were honored a couple of days ago to have a great review of Jumpin Jackabee by our friends @macworld and Jeffery Battersby @reyespoint! Go check it out and let us know what you think! So excited to know that you all like us out there!

“Every few months or so I allow myself a little indulgence: An itty-bitty gaming app to while away the idle hours. I look for games that are immersive and challenging, yet nothing that requires weeks/months/years of commitment. Angry Birds, Plants vs. Zombies, and World of Goo have all been a part of my mini gaming collection. And now, Jumpin’ Jackabee (free) joins that group.”

For the article on Macworld click here.