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Hi friends! We’ve been a little quiet on the home front lately because we have been so busy! I can’t wait to show you the new stuff we’ve been working on, but for now let’s catch up a bit.

Jumpin Jackabee just released a new update that has a new watermelon power-up. Each level has a new bonus or two to keep things spicy and we are giving out new level completion rewards. All in all a mighty update it is.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out our game on iTunes give it a look see!

iPhone Screenshot 1

Play Phone and Jumpin Jackabee

mikiePlayPhone and Jumpin Jackabee have teamed up on the App Store and are excited about this new partnership. For those of you who don’t know, PlayPhone is a global provider of mobile social gaming and is it’s own network that can work cross platform on many mobile devices. (Way cool!)

If you’d like to jump on and try PlayPhone + Jumpin Jackabee go check out the download

Jumpin’ Jackabee Sneaky Peeky

Howdy my happy subjects! One Sock Prince here with a little sneaky peeky of my newest and about to be released title!

I stole this from our PR desk so you can get a little look into whats coming up:

“Jump into action with this puzzle platformer from One Sock Prince.

Jackabee is trapped in a twisted world of wind up monsters! Guide him past monsters, obstacles, and traps, while picking up delicious rewards along the way.

One Sock Prince is excited to bring you it’s first release onto the Ipad and Iphone game market. Leap through the many worlds standing in Jackabee’s path towards home. Escape the clutches of the mechanical monsters and earn rewards and treats along the way. Coming to the app store very very soon!”

Welcome Michael Piper, reporter extraordinaire!

Hello fellow gamers. My name is Michael Piper, and I’ve been brought on by One Sock Prince to take a look at the development processes of all of our upcoming titles starting with the new Jumping Jackabee. This blog will function as a developers blog, featuring articles with commentary from artists, engineers, and the rest of the staff of One Sock Prince about what is involved in making an indie game come to fruition on the app store.

Stay tuned for news, insights and everything else One Sock Prince related.

Signing off,
Michael Piper

Hello world!

Hello to one and all, I am the One Sock Prince and this is my magic paper web page! Here I and my team of reporting gnomes will tell tales of all my gamely creations. We will have interviews with my court artists and the clockwork coding wizards of my mighty kingdom. The very processes of my creations will be detailed to you, my loyal subjects, for my knowledge is one that I wish to share!

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